FileMaker Database Recovery to Fix Database Export Error

FileMaker is a very useful database management system for small and medium business. It is an affordable RDMBS provided, which is easy to learn and use. You can export database files from one data and use it with another database for convenience of the file sharing. However, under some circumstances, the file export fails due to database corruption and it leads to FileMaker Pro recovery needs.

The following scenario explains this problem:

  • You have a FileMaker database that has a container with links to external photos.
  • When you attempt to export the files to create self-contained database, the following error occurs:
    “<Filename> could not be created on this disk. Use a different name, make more room on the disk, unlock it or use a different disk.”
  • The same problem occurs even if you try to save the file using a different file name.

When you face this problem, FileMaker repair becomes need of hour to retrieve the inaccessible files from the database.


There are several reasons of this issue and following list includes the most frequent ones among them:

  • The file name has an invalid character.
  • The destination disk does not have enough space to store the file.
  • You do not have write permissions on the disk on which you are attempting to save the file.
  • The destination drive already has a file with the similar name that you are trying to assign to the new file.
  • The FileMaker file or even entire database is severely damaged and the application is unable to read and export it.

In order to sort out this problem, you need to first check the file name. Then check the hard drive space and the permissions. If that does not work, try saving the file with a different name. As a last resort to fix this problem, you have to use third-party FileMaker recovery applications. Such tools are powerful enough to deal with all database corruption issues and extract all inaccessible objects.

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